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PT# AT1014 PT# # AT1014- Lancet Unistik 3 Extra 21G 200/Bx by Owen Mumford

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Unistik® 3 Single-Use Travel Lancets featuring Comfort Zone Technology® Unistik 3 single-use lancets offer an all-in-one travel solution when testing on-the-go™. Featuring Comfort Zone Technology and side-activation, these lancets are designed to make blood sampling virtually pain-free. After sampling, the lancet permanently retracts to safely protect against accidental needlestick, making it the perfect on-the-go solution. Comfort Zone Technology Independent clinical data shows that Comfort Zone Technology reduces pain, resulting in a more comfortable experience. Comfort Zone Technology is comprised of eight raised pressure points on the end of the safety lancet. This patented technology sends a signal of comfort to the brain preventing pain messages from being received which helps to eliminate the pain associated with the fingerstick sample.