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AdvocateTM RediCode Test Strips - Set of 50

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The Advocate Redi-Code Plus Glucose Test Strips are compatible with the Advocate Redi-Code Plus Glucose Meter. Features: NO CODING REQUIRED Only 0.7 microliters of blood is needed for testing. Fast 7 second test results. Capillary action. Alternative Site Testing - People are able to use parts of the body other than the fingertips to check their blood glucose levels. You can use the palm, forearm, the upper body, the calf, or the thigh. Any area of this strip can be touched and the glucose reading will not be affected. Contents: 50 easy to handle sensor strips in a flip-top bottle that is easy to open and close. A built-in desiccant keeps the Advocate Glucose tests strips fresh after you open the package. Compares to national brands for less.